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i went to bagan lalang today, sent mama there coz she's having this course thing bout assets or whatever lah, i dont know. heheh,,will come back home on wednesday, & then the whole family will go to kl, to watch 2012 *haha, bru nak tgk & HARI RAYA HAJI !!
we wont stay long in ampang coz my grandparents will be going to singapore this saturday.

ohh,,i just knew that from my house to bagan lalang is just 20 mins. heee,,
sepang gold coast dah siap, bila laa pantai morib punya gold coast nak siap neh. :'(
the last time i've been there was with abun. we just stopped by, bout 10mins kot, then headed to PD ! :D

oh, i managed to finish making the 15 bags,. phweeee'' alhamdulillah.
these are some of the bags, theres more downstairs.

k, toodles!

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