skate till u FALL !

by - 5:38 AM


these are the picture from my day with ween, last saturday ! :D
it was a blast. ween got 10 free tickets for ice skating, so ros & i came to join the fun. yeayy, it was fun aite coz i was the only 1 that 'know' how to ice skate. HAHAHA * gila belagak

okeh2, i did help the others. i, till now kept on laughing alone coz rmmbering how ween fell while trying to move herself. hihihi
*jgn marah ween ! ;p

on that day, i wore my black esprit jacket, white top from colours, pink MNG leggings & my magical owl rinf from accessorize. ros said that my owl ring is the cause of me knowing how to ice skate, HAHA. *cincin puaka !
oh, i wore my new flats from wondershoe. its ashley by diana rikasari & IT HURTS ALOT !!!
*kasut baru mmg laa melecet :'(
so, i bought myself a white flip flop from ripcurl. i have a ripcurl mmbership card so discounts for me, yeay!
u can see the pic where i'm wearing black socks & it look ugly.

after our ice skating, we ate at popeyes & it was all on ween. hehe, THANKS dear,, u'r too kind. ececehhh''

k, heheh. thats all. i wanna go home. its getting late. grrr,,
*to those who wants the pictures, can u give me ur email ? heheh

**** tiba2 rasa cm my entry kali neh cm belagak sngt jerr, err,,SORRY

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