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result? SUCKS!

i rasa my result lagi teruk dr org yang fail but alhamdulillah, i lulus semua *smile for me*
promise, i'll do better for next sem. (*i said that for this sem but it turns out, grrrr...)
well, most of them failed for audit & some, FAR. fuh, god. seriously i thot that i fail FAR, coz the last thing i know, i was copying the question, trick it a lil bit then made it into an anwser.

i havent told my parents bout it, lets let them ask first. hehe. & i think i'm gonna tell them my overall CGPA instead of my current semester result. ;p

act, i mmg dh taw result i teruk. from the effort i've put into, mmg patut lah i dpt result neh. pernah dgr tak, setiap kegembiraan ada kesedihan? i selalu ingt ayat tuh taw. sblm result keluar, mak aii bermacam2 rezeki i dapat. mmg melonjak kegembiraan lah. i dah agak yang msti ada something akan terjadi kt i, something yang boleh buat i sedey. ha' ambik ko, result hampeh.

so, bila2 i dapat rezeki yang mencurah2, i msti act cool je, tak nak overexcited, nnti msti dtg waktu sedih tuh, i akan menangis2. & i dont want that to happen. :(
& alhamdulillah, i dpt menerima kenyataan bhw keputusan peperiksaan neh mmg tak dpt nak bwat apa dah.

k, have a nice day pretty ladies out there! ;D

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