same old me ;)

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god, lama nyaa i tinggal kan my blog neh. act, i have tons & tons of things to blog about but amat laa menyedihkan i punya internet tak ley nk browse things. just boleh buka email je. but thats fine with me, coz i just neeh to read my emails & get orders. tuh jerr. & alhamdulillah my bags are selling great till now! ;)

2010 is coming. i havent shop anyhing to start my new sem. serious! i thought of going to sunway with ros, to buy stuff. since she's staying at my house till i-dont-know-when. coz ramai kan yang tak dpt kolej. well, ada juga peneman kt rumah nnti. oh, since my result is so bad, i think i have to skip tioman's vaca with din & the geng. lgipon i tak taw laa ada girls yang pergi ke tak, tak kan i, the only girl yang tergedik2 nk ikot plakk. huuu' nway, i havent watch avatar yet, but i'm dying too! y cant they make a cinema here in banting, so that i dont have to go all the way to putrajaya or klang or back to sunway to watch it. bohoooo banting. okeh2, but atleast kt cni dah ada secret recipe & al ikhsan. HAHAHA. maju laaa juga. FINE!

i'm planning to write reviews on beauty product that i've use. i baru terfikir yang i tak pernah nk stay on 1 product selama i hidup neh. so, apa kata i tulis reviews on whats good or bad on those product kan kan. besh gak. i'll be starting bila i have buy myself a new broadband. HAHA. malas siot nk kuar kan duit beli broadband (* my mum act dh bg duit tok beli broadband but i've used it to buy something else.kiki ). or just ddk kt starbucks, on9 for free. ngeeee' but but malas siot nk kuar naik kete drive g sna. goshhh'

okeh lah, pape pon last nite nad has reg'd me to class B. yes!! cant wait to see all the girls next monday!

for now, bye bye !

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