studying studying studying :)

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helloo ;)

i watched i love u beth cooper last night. act, i watched half of it. thinking of finishing it after this. i think its a very very very light story. cam pisau cukur. klu tak tgk pon, tak rugi pape. :(
amat lah membosankan! smpai i tertidoooooo -.-

i cant wait to go to class tomorrow. i know, whats with me with going to class nowadays. HAHAH. amatlah rajin. tp bila dpt assignment, amat lah malas. i love doing bags more than doing assignments. i love to on9 to read cool blogs while painting my bags. i love listening to music & at the same time, drawing on my bags. conclusion, i love doing my bags. not that i'm eager to earn more & more & more money. no, its act my current interest. :D

i'm kinda broke right now but still wanna find something to buy from some blogshops. right now, i'm looking for leggings. sent a comment to nadiah, asking where she bought her leggings & damn, i knew that she must bought it at MNG, midvlly. i act found it while going there last month with the girls, but tak beli. coz I TAK DE DUIT MASA TUH. arghhhhhhhh'
nadiah, aku nak legging ko! HAHAHA.

so, i searched for it on9, tapi semuanya dah sold out! amatlah menyakitkan hati. thinking of going to sunway after getting my JPA, & bringing along ros & korea. let them go dating while i, will be doing some shopping. i dont really like to go shopping with other people. i love doing it ALONE :)

oh, did i tell u that i'm a home-y kinda person now. good news aite? HAHA. hope i'l manage to stay this way till the rest of my life. :D

nway, i found this owl necklace at f21 for rm60 something. but lucky me, i bought it at some blogshop for a very cheap price. yahooooo for me! ;)

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