two zero one zero

by - 3:19 AM


i know its already the second day of jan but but its not to late for my to wish,,


hahah. wtv* papepon azam tahun baru akan disimpan dalam hati jer. if my wishes do come true, i'll let ya know okeh.

i just arrived in shah alam, at home act. i've done the cleaning & GOD, OH SO LUCKY TO ON9! kt umah, i tak taw laa nape ngn streamyx i tuh. dah kol TM bout 6 times kot, still cam bangang. oh, biarkan lah janjii dah ley on9 kt cni. ;)

i ada roomate baru. yeayy! dia gantikan lini coz lini dah pindah rumah lain. :'(
hope she's 'ok'. hani will be back tomorrow & as for me, i'm waiting for ros to msg me so that i can go out for dinner with her. gosh, lapar gler. thats all for now. i cant wait to go to my 1st class. heee


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