Pulau Perhentian Trip

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well HELLO there. Long time no see. 

since i got my man back, meaning that i got this blog back
so, i dont know what to update, think that i am just going to update bout my Pulau Perhentian Trip last May ago.

Me, Ain & Eja booked a flight on firefly to kota bharu > taxi to perhentian. Disebabkan both of us tak pernah lagi ke Perhentian, so why not? next trip on our plan is Pulau Redang. Insyaallah. 
/ we have another pulau trip in October, but lets keep it a secret buat masa ni   ;)

so, started with the flight. i booked the WRONG flight for both of us! the wrong timing to be exact. felt so stupid stupid. tak pasal2 melayang duit kena beli ticket baru. cause the penalty that i had to pay to change the timing lagi tinggi daripada harga ticket itu sendiri.

problem num#2.
the same morning my flight was the same day i had to collect my graduation jubah. bayangkan just howwww long it would take me to queue up for the jubah, and had to rush to subang for my flight.

luckly lil me  <lepas kena bebel dengan abah sebab tak plan awal2> woke up early and managed to settle the jubah pagi2 buta tu dah queue up kat dewan. it took only 30mins for the whole thing to settle. WIN! parked my car at seksyen 7, infront of my friend's print shop then took a cab to subang. 

/ arrived in kota bharu. first time landing there. tak pernah lagi naik flight pergi kelantan. was in the same flight with actor Fizo Omar. eh? haha. not a fan but biasa lah, jumpa retis. then took a cab to jeti Kuala Besut.

our trip to perhentian was a package with Mohsin Chalet. paid rm360+/pax for all.

bumpy ride to pulau / wearing blazer? no one wears blazer to the beach yawwww. ambil jubah convo punya pasal.

lets go to the beach each lets go get awayyy *nicky minaj sikit* / perhentian is my num#2 fav pulau after Mabul

stairs up to Mohsin Chalet

the basic room. VERY BASIC! king size katil / almari / kipas pendek. toilet pon very basic. toilet air tersumbat bila mandi ramai2. then bau hancing. not complaining but just explaining. hehe

permandangan sangat cantik! see the blue ocean color. wahhhh!

we stayed at Mohsin chalet. LOVE the scenery. host yang sangat friendly peramah happening. malam2 ada karaoke.breakfast / lunch / dinner included.

Long beach fire performance. stayed there till mid night PARTAYYYY! 

the next day went for snorkelling. see the clear beautiful water! ahhhhhh snorkelling at perhentian wasnt the best (comparing with Mabul haha) semua corals seems dah mati. 

at Romantic beach. just a beach.

paid rm12 for a plate for pisang goreng with madu and chocalate. mati2 ingat goreng pisang as in pisang itu digoreng but nooo. haih. boleh pula mengidam pisang goreng di perhentian.


# book flight awal so you get lower price. i got mine rm57/pax kot tak silap. balik with bus, because this makcik ain doesnt want to naik flight hahaa diva me pula jenis x suka naik bus. to be fair pergi naik flight, balik naik bus.

# besides Mohsin Chalet there are other backpackers accommodation yang best2 / lagi murah

# we got pakcik gatal yang bawa kami snorkelling. made a complain to Mohsin Chalet. kinda ruin our  snorkelling trip.

# 3days2night tak cukup. seriously! should have stayed there at least 4days 3 nights.

# pergi masa cuti. sebab malam cuti was the best. ramai orang. walaupon crowded but we made new friends. first night enjoy kat long beach. 2nd night karaoke.

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