Bali Trip ; Day 1

10:24 AM

Bali Trip : Day 1

- Barong Dance
- Tanjung Benoa
- Candi Dasa beach

/ itinerary & supir all prepared by Nur Ain

Early morning, had our breakfast di hotel sambil tunggu supir datang. transportation is not a problem in Bali. pilih je mana2 supir, then he will bring you anywhere. check out siap2 pagi tu. bags akan letak dalam kereta supir daripada pagi sampai lah malam.

you can either, pilih sahaja mana2 supir bila sampai airport. theres tons of them! or nak play safe, contact any supir from siapa2 yang pernah ke Bali. my last trip awal tahun, we picked random supir from the airport, a non muslim supir. but dont worry, they usually know where to take us if you ask them to stop for solat.  for this trip, Ain contact a muslim supir siap2 so that its easy for us to go eat at halal restaurant.

1st stop ; Barong dance.
if you love art / culture, you can go see the performance. if not, boleh sahaja skip Barong dance, and tengok Kecak dance sahaja.

2nd stop ; Tanjung Benoa.
you can either go to Tanjung Benoa or Nusa Dua, for water activities. this trip, we went to Tanjung Benoa. as for my early year trip, i went to Nusa Dua. both sama sahaja activitinya.

they will give you a list of activities. TOLONG TAWAR HARGA serendah mungkin. and tak perlu ambil semua activity. we picked to do sky walker (jalan dalam air pakai helmet kat kepala tu) & parasailing sahaja. other activities such as snorkling, boleh buat kat Malaysia. 

habis activity akan dapat free makanan & tea.

dont forget to wear sunblock. HANGAT nak mam! hehee

3rd stop; Candi Dasa beach
just a short stop here for our way to Amed. nothing much.

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