My October!

by - 9:32 AM

/ bought new statement necklace from a local instashop @neia_kl
good service. fast reply / post.

/ my house from google instant street view. 

/ fruits after dinner  ;)

 / i hate it when i order my stocks then the logistic company doesn't want to send it to my house, dengan bagi alasan jauh sangat. abah sold our truck so i had to collect it by his car. penuh 1 kereta! macam nak melimpah bonet   =/

/ bought necklace earlier before i bought the necklace in the 1st pic, same design but diff color. this is from a local online shop @clothesology. good service!

/ made pancakes from scratch. didnt use milk so it wasnt that good. but still edible. the berries i bought to make pavlova,but pavlova tak jadi sebab termix egg whites with the yolk.

 / bawa mama jalan2 KL. went to Publika sebab mengidam pavlova. then to The Curve + Ikea for dinner. had their beef ribs. hmmm. tak berapa sedap. hahaa

/ early birthday card from Hanis Hamzah. thanks Hanis

/ bought new slipper for my trip in next 2 weeks!

thats all!  SALAM AIDIL ADHA SEMUA   ;)

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