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So last week, i went to Kota Bharu, Kelantan for a short getaway with my family and thought why not we rent a car there, since its easier to move around. Googled it online, and found out this website, KLEXCAR. Seems quite popular la kot, a local car rental company. and found some reviews bout it on facebook, in a travel group.

Everything was easy, PM-ed them on facebook to ask the price and moments later, someone called from their Kota Bharu branch. Then had to fill up some details and send it on whatsapp.

So.....on the day, i arrived in Kota Bharu, just landed...and they called. saying that the car i want to rent (a viva) is unavailable. they accidentally gave it to another person. and because it was their fault, they want to exchange it with an Alza, for RM250 for 2 days.  (actual price is RM350 for 2 days)

Aku jenis tak reti nak melawan sangat, but my family pertikaikan why they did not reserve us a car when we already have booked it before. so, aku bagi mak aku jelah settlekan, haha. and yes, we finally got us a viva! for a slightly lower price than before, yayyyyy! harga yang kami deal RM220 for 2 days, and we got RM200 instead.

the car was ok! tiptop! bersih cantik tanpa apa2 cacat luaran.    :)
unfortunetly, wiper dia macam rosak. berfungsi but sapuan tu x betul. taktau la korang faham ke tak. and sekarang kan musim hujan kat malaysia ni, so jenuh gak lah drive dalam keadaan tak nampak.
did not complain tho, sebab hal kecil je kot. sampai aku pon lupa nak complain.

but i did whatsapp them, sebab wakil yang hantar kereta tu lupa nak bagi resit bayaran. kang buatnya dia cakap aku tak bayar, jenuh aku nak cari bukti bayaran.  ** they later emailed me the payment receipt **

untuk pulangkan kereta, pon ada isu juga. aku whatsapp untuk tanya macam mana nak pulangkan kereta but respon yang aku dapat, dorang taktau yang aku ada pinjam kereta.  

sampai airport, i had to wait for their respon yang tak respon2 lagi. tried to call pon tak dapat. last2 i tried another number, baru lah settle. nasib lah masa tu tak rush sangat, kalau rush mau hangin juga aku masa tu, menunggu.

- trusted company
- easy to deal with
- pekerja did call and apologise for the issues.
- nice clean & well maintain car
- the price is affordable!

thats all! xoxo

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