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I just got back from a 5 days 4 nights trip to SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA last week, so this is what i pack during my trip.

You know that AIR ASIA is strict this time, and on board hand carry cannot be more than 7kg. I did not add-on luggage for my flight to Seoul but i did add-on luggage (20kg) for my flight back to Kuala Lumpur. because you know, all those shopping and baju kotor and stuff, 7kg is not enough. hihiii

for 20kg, just nice for 2 pax. sebab hari tu, our luggage cuma 13 kg sahaja, for 2 pax.

The weather, i assumed it to be end of winter. sebab ada lagi saki baki snow.


  • 1 thermal sweater i wear every day.
  • 2 shawl.
  • 2 anak tudung
  • 2 leggings  
  • 5 jumper ( i only wear 4 piece )
  • 1 jeans.
  • 1 sweatpants  (wore during in flights, to and from korea, the same sweatpants)
  • 2 shirts to sleep
  • 3 socks
  • 2 shirts as inner.
  • neck shawl  (used only once)

Make up
  • compact powder  (i did not use at all)
  • travel size mascara
  • eyeliner
  • eyebrow liner
  • lip balm
  • lip stick
  • moisturiser
  • portable toilet plastic, i bought at Daiso. ahahahaha. 

  • Toothbrush  (i did not bring toothpaste)
  • face cleanser (i did not use at all)

  • panadol
  • towel
  • Go pro  + charger
  • camera + charger
  • iphone + charger
  • adapter
  • bantal kepala
  • disposable panties  (2 pack)
  • deodarant
  • sunglasses
  • small note book
  • 1 nike shoes. 
  • wet tissue
  • 1 extra bag, to put baju kotor + shopping stuff. this will be check in during flight back to KL.

thats all! hope this helps you guys on what to bring. i should do a post on 'how i pack' during my 3 weeks Balkan Trip juga kan? hahaha. but dah tak ingat apa yang di bawa.

bye! xoxo

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