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Hello!  tbh, Pulau Kapas was not on my list at all untuk travel tahun ini, but i am thankful that i did because this island was beyond what i expected it to be! the coral there was amazing and 3 days was not enough for me.

The water was crystal clear and again, the coral there was amazing and beautiful haha. Pulau Kapas ni rupanya dekat sangat dengan darat, only 5mins with speedboat!

map ini di ambil daripada blog WHATSTHESNORKLINGLIKE.  blog ini sangat detail dan sangat membantu! I did not manage to cover the whole island, impossible la kan for 3 days trip. duhh.

if you open the map above, i only manage to snorkel around area L,M,N,O and P
around area M and N, i spotted Blue Spotted Ribbontail Ray betul-betul dekat area persisiran pantai. so please be careful kalau berjalan dalam air. sebab air tak dalam, takat peha sahaja. you might stepped on it. This area coral dia pon sangat cantik! but please be careful sebab sea urchin sangat banyak.

for area O and P,  sea urchins pon sangat banyak. I did spot another sting-ray here too, and also Eel yang keluarkan kepala sambil mulut terbuka tu.

Area X, the ocean current here lagi kuat. Persisiran pantai dia banyak pasir, not much coral. but if you swim to the right, di tempat yang lagi dalam you will find bigger fish dan the fishes here lagi unique. we spotted this big fish with very huge eyes starring at us! Area sini banyak batu besar, so you will be swimming among huge rocks.

There are 2 main ways you can go to the oppsite side of the island. 1 is from the trail behind Kapas Island Resort and the other 1 is from Kapas Turtle Valley.

We went to the opposite from the Kapas Turtle Valley trail, and balik melalui Kapas Island Resort punya trail. Kapas Turtle Valley trail lagi susah sebab perlu hike. I suggest kalau nak mudah, ikut sahaja laluan Kapas Island Resort.

Try to kayak to Pulau Gemia. we took a nap that afternoon but terlajak sampai ke petang, so tak sampai kayak ke Pulau Gemia.   :(

Thats all! xoxo

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