Car Got Towed While Travelling in Perth.

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Early this month (SEPTEMBER 2017), i went to Perth and we rent a small car for 4 days. On our 4th day, our car got towed!! 

The situation was that, i parked it outside our lodge, at night, in a legal correct car park. What i did not read was, on the ticket machine was a small lil note on top saying the road has to be clear before 7.30am! meaning, i have to move my car out of that carpark before 7.30am.


seriously, i have never had my car got towed in Malaysia, so i have no idea what to do. Got back in the lodge, ask the worker there but she was not sure herself. I was getting a bit worried because if it was not got towed, it might have been stolen (WORST CASE EVER!)

lucky me, already bought a local sim so called the number on the ticket machine. Got the wrong number, and was told to call another number. then, ....called the other number, and was given an address to go and pick up the car. was reminded to bring DRIVING LICENSE, CAR KEYS & MONEY (FINES).

guess how much???  368 AUD.  #icry
almost RM 1220 in Malaysia Ringgit.  #icry #secondtime #haha

** it did not take me long to redha to pay because i have so many failures in life, so setakat bayar denda, process redha tu cepat sikit, haha! thanked god for making me a strong person LOL

We walk then took a bus then walk again to the address given. Not far but also not near. At the counter, the process was quick. Pay then the guy help get our car out of the warehouse.

Got our car, and i thought that was it....


Balik Malaysia and thought everything was ok, then suddenly last week (about 2 weeks after got back from Perth), i got a whatsapp from our car rental saying we have to pay infringement fines.  infringement fines because i broke the law.

she whatsapp me the invoice and told me to pay on City of Perth website. and the fines was...

RM660, in ringgit malaysia! oh myyyyy

and have to pay in 1 week after the invoice was issued.

NOT COMPLAINING THO, cause i know it was our fault for not reading sampai habis. But just want to remind you, if you'r travelling please please DO NOT FORGET TO;

- bring any credit / debit cards, for emergencies like this.
- activate international purchases / payment on your cards.
- buy local sim card to call anyone in case of emergency.

Thats all! xoxo

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