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On Day 6, we went to Blue Boat House. we left our luggage at our lodge after checking out. We did not have our car as we already have return it back to Aries Car Rental. I thought this blue Boat House is famous, but when asking about it from the worker at the lodge, she did not know anything about it, or....maybe there is another name for it.

Very easy to go here by public transport but if by car, i am not sure where you will have to park. as this blue boat house is really really on a busy main road.

Aries Car Rental did warn us yang kawasan ini famous sebagai kawasan pecah kereta, SO BE EXTRA CAREFUL when parking around this area. They suggest us to take turn, meaning seorang duduk dalam kereta sementara yang lain tangkap gambar than tukar.

Place here is very beautiful. It was raining when we arrive, jadi tak ramai orang. but still kena tunggu turn. I would say tunggu turn dalam 15-20 mins per orang. Biasa tourist akan tangkap gambar di bahagian tangga, pertengahan jalan like in my picture below dan juga di bahagian rumah.

From the Blue Boat House, boleh berjalan ke arah Kings Park. memang cantik sepanjang perjalanan. You will def enjoy it.

Kailis Fish Market Cafe

I dont like fish and chips. but to be honest, the fish and chips here sedap! Selain fish and chips, ada banyak lagi on their menu. you dont act have to eat fish&chips but thats what they are famous for, kan?

The portion is big and the service there is good. Did not get to see view outside of the cafe because we went here at night.   :(

After dinner here, we walk to the ferris wheel and walk back to our hostel. Fremantle is a very small town, but very lovely. 


** we booked private room but was given a whole dorm to ourself sebab private room yang di book was not available at that time.

- love the location. dalam bandar. easy to get bus, easy to walk to anywhere. 
- ada mesin basuh + dryer. we wash our clothes here.
- big kitchen. i had trouble using the stove. nasib ada traveller lain tolong buka kan gas dapur! haha
- staff nya ok. nak kata peramah, tak peramah. nak kata sombong, tak sombong. biasa sahaja.

// i read reviews on this hostel ramai complain dapur kotor. kebersihan dapur act depends on travellers and yourself. you eat & you clean yourself. simple,kan?

Dont like;
- dinding bilik air nya semi transparent. so you can see people mandi.
- they will give you cadar & sarung bantal, and you kena pasang sendiri. cadar yang di beri bau seperti you basuh baju tapi angkat sebelum baju tu sempat kering. lupa apa panggilan nya.
- some of the cadar ber'peta'.    <---- font="" get="" haha="" i="" mean="" nbsp="" what="">
- toilet & shower on our level tak berfungsi, so we had to go toilet on the floor below.

thats all! nothing much on 1st day here in Fremantle. xoxo

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