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HI! i just got back from a 10 Day 9 Nights in India. the quote above seems to be very famous there, because yeahh, its true that everything IS POSSIBLE in India, haha! We actually plan to go only to Kashmir but alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan like that, so there we go adding 4 days more to cover Golden Triangle India  (New Delhi / Agra / Jaipur)


  • i applied it online through India visa website. The process seems to be very complicated but its actually easy. Applied it end of October 2017. (trip was 1st dec)

  • I bought an Airtel simkad in Paharganj, with a 1GB internet. I read online that Airtel seems to be OK compared to other brand. but....it took me almost 3 DAYS TO ACTIVATE and 1 more day to get the internet connection.  huh!
  • not all shop sells simkad. i went in and out of every shop in Paharganj to search for a simkad. and it lead me to a small shop in a small scary lane. most shop only sell topup.
  • it is better for you to buy the simkad at the airport on your arrival
  • what you need?
    • passport - they will photostat your passport & your visa 
    • 1 passport picture
    • details of your hotel, full address.

  • I booked the ticket in September 2017 just after i returned back from my Perth trip. Malaysia Airlines was having their year end sale, and price for KUL-DEL was as low as RM800+ return., include luggage / meal / entertainment, not bad la kan? wow wow wow. 
  • but because i booked the weekend flight, so the price is bit higher. tak apa lah.
  • DELHI - SRINAGAR, took spice jet sebab flight itu sahaja yang harga ok. Booked through GOTOGATE, from SKYSCANNER website.

  • Airport Indira Gandhi tidak boleh masuk sesuka hati. Kiranya, once you keluar, you tidak boleh masuk dah, melainkan ada boarding pass.
  • Ada visitor lounge di bahagian Departure, free untuk yang ada flight tetapi berbayar bagi visitors yang datang menghantar passenger. 1000 rupees per pax.
  • You akan arrive di Terminal 3, dan perlu mengambil free shuttle bus ke Terminal 1D  (domestic)
  • Keluar pintu arrival No. 4, then ke piller No. 10. Ada help desk di situ. Berikan boarding pass KUL-DEL dan DEL-SRI kepada pekerja, then pekerja akan keluarkan coupon.
  • Walaupon ia adalah free shuttle bus BUT ONLY FREE IF you ada coupon. Kalau tidak ada coupon, you kena bayar tambang bus.

ever wondered what its like to sleep at the airport? there you go. sebab travel dengan orang lain, i can sleep dengan nyenyak. if i'm travelling along, kena berjaga-jaga takut orang curi barang. Belakang tu tetiba ada Indian mana ntah join tidur sekali LOL

  • I must say, their website is soooooo confusing. MENYUSAHKAN. i jenis senang fed-up and it took me almost 1 month to book 2 trains. To sign up on their website took me forever!
  • I managed to book 1 train NEW DELHI - AGRA, on their website. fuhh.
  • I did not get to book AGRA-JAIPUR train on IRCTC website, but then i booked it on cleartrip.com but it got me on waitlisted. I did not get to book JAIPUR-NEW DELHI, as there is no train available.
  • when arrive in New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS), i went to the tourist information bureau (on level 1) to book the tickets there.
  • they checked my waitlisted ticket and unfortunetly, the train was cancelled. the worker ask me to cancel my booking online, and booked me a new ticket.
  • he also help book my JAIPUR-NEW DELHI ticket.
  • i heard of the famous question ' are you happy?'  if you said you are happy, they will ask for tips. well guess what? the ticket worker asked us 'are we happy' and did not return balance for our payment. he just simply took the balance and smile, haha  
  • theres a HUGE signboard saying that you can make payment with debit / credit card. but the worker does not want to accept card. he wants cash.
  • be careful with scammer! we almost got scammed! will tell you more later.

  • Kashmir          - Walisons Hotel, Srinagar & Pahalgam
  • New Delhi      - Hotel Station View, Paharganj
                           - Hotel Aman Continential, Paharganj.
  • Agra               - Sai Palace, just to put our luggage.
  • Jaipur             - Hotel Treebo Raya Inn

These are pictures are from Walisons Hotel, Srinagar. 

  1. Very cheap if in winter, only cost us RM70-80 for 3 pax per night!
  2. They provide heater and electric blanket 
  3. Have wifi in room.
  4. pekerja sentiasa ada if you need anything.
  5. Their chicken briyani was the bomb!
  6. clean hotel, easy to get tuktuk
  7. near Dal Lake, around 1-2 mins walk.
  8. near to the market. 

  1. I assume electiricty is generated from a generator, so pagi-pagi pasti akan blackout sekejap, and heater semua terr-off, meaning we were freezing kalau nak ambil wuduk.
  2. There was once, air dalam bilik air macam ada kejutan electrik. I mandi dalam keadaan mencucuk-cucuk!

And these are from Walisons Pahalgam.

  1. Lidder river is just behind the guesthouse
  2. Its more of a guesthouse compared to a hotel
  3. Food was ok
  4. cheap in winter, same price as in Srinagar
  5. Beautiful scenery of mountain with snow can be seen from the guesthouse.
  6. nice and quite
  7. Clean room, staff was ok.

  1. There was no heater in the room, only hot blanket for the main bed
  2. my dad had to argue to get my bed an electic blanket, which at first they did not provide.
  3. Hot water in bathroom was not available at all times. They had to get a bucket of hot water for my dad to shower.
  4. No wifi at all.
  5. A bit far from town.

Thats all for now! will continue next post soon. stay tuned. xoxo

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