KLIA - MITSUI Free Shuttle Bus

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I hope its not too late for me to wish you SELAMAT HARI RAYA. maaf zahir batin. nothing much bout this raya, just that i did not go to any of my relatives house like the past years, because no one was at home, jaga my nenek. and on 3rd raya, i flew to Jordan for 2 weeks. and... will of course blog about it! 

For this post, this was during bulan puasa.  We went to KLIA to change our Jordan flight tiket, and thought of going to Mitsui Outlet by the free shuttle bus provided by the airport.

MINDYOU, that this turned out to be a perfect decision because, 
- it was the weekend, so parking was FULL
- Mitsui parking does not have touch n go, so you have to pay your ticket using the ticket machine and the line was soooooooo long. I assume it might take you 1 hour just for queuing. 
- the wait at the airport was 20 mins, doesnt feel that long.  I hope that MAHB provide kerusi for warga emas, mayb?

so, naik lift, go to the lower ground, where the buses are. outside, you can see the FREE SHUTTLE BUS sign. Theres a schedule of what time the bus will come and will pick you up at Mitsui.

no need to show any ticket or what so ever. just naik sahaja  :)

the journey will be KLIA - MITSUI - KLIA 2.

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