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HAPPY NEW YEAR to my blog readers.  Assalamualaikum!

I started my new year with a short hike dekat Bukit Jugra pagi tadi. Then balik rumah terus tidur sampai zohor. Then sambung workout lepas maghrib.

so, lets see how my 2019 goes.. Alhamdulillah it was great! I distance myself from social media and that was the best decision i have ever made EVER!

Mari kita tengok mana i travel tahun ini,

FEB                   - Surabaya

MARCH              - 2nd Umrah

NOVEMBER        - 1st solo trip to Jeju

DECEMBER         - Hat Yai

untuk 2019, berjaya achieve 2 goals je yang tulis kat blog dulu, 

  • simpan duit (alhamdulillah, i found joy in saving money)
  • travel solo

but what i achieve in 2019 was,

  • Naik gunung di luar negara sorang-sorang, Mount Hallasan.
  • Solo travel
  • Masuk running event sorang-sorang
  • Naik bukit training sorang-sorang
  • Simpan a sum amount of money untuk asset.
  • Tak create a new loan with bank. only loan with family members sahaja.
  • Being active!

2019 was all about me myself and i. I really REALLY LEARN HOW TO BE INDEPENDENT dan berjaya untuk buat or pergi mana-mana dengan sendiri.

ASSET. I still have some problem with buying a house buat masa ini, ada masalah dengan LHDN. unless kalau i boleh beli rumah dengan cash.

MY GOAL FOR THIS YEAR..is to save more money! and put my family first. itu sahaja. 

to my blog readers, i hope you jaga your kesihatan dan terutamanya your kesihatan mental. sebab banyak orang depress sekarang dan tertekan dengan dengan kehidupan masing-masing. I just hope you know that you have to create your own happiness, dan please jangan compare yourself to others. 

If you need anyone to talk to, you are free to whatsapp me. my number is on the right side of this blog.

jangan ngorat dah la. i find that if you try to get to me through social media, its a HUGE TURN OFF for me. sorry!


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